Members and Contacts

Surrey Fringe Club Officers

Our Chairman, Mike Hurdle, oversees the running of the Club, ensuring that the right policies and procedures are in place and that we are working towards agreed aims.

 Our Chorus Director is Roger Pinsent. His primary focus is to improve our singing and performance. He devises and delivers a programme of club evenings and education sessions, as well as directing the Chorus in many of our performances. He plays an active role on the  Main Club Committee and works closely with the Music Leadership Team on the selection of new music.

Colin Parfitt is our Deputy Chairman. He supports many aspects of the Club's organisation and is our main contact with BABS - the British Association of Barbershop Singers.

Our Secretary, Bill Latto, manages  many of the tasks that are essential for the smooth operation of the Main Committee and the Club. He is the primary interface between the members and the Committee. He has taken on an extra duty having demonstrated a flair for Catering!

 We rely on our Treasurer, Adi Screwvala,, to ensure the sound management of the income and expenditure of the Club. Additionally, he plays a prominent role in guiding us on the financial aspects of the decisions we make for the future of the Club,  and also deals with securing music copyright..

 Our Membership Secretary is Brian Thomas. His remit spans recruitment, introduction and training of new members and retention.

 The Singout Secretary, Peter Whittall, arranges performances with our audiences, checks that we have sufficient singers for each occasion and communicates the details to the members of the Chorus - see his details in the next column.                

 Our Uniform Secretary, Phil Todd, supplies and keeps track of Club uniforms for members, re-stocking as required.

 Ron Billard manages our advertising and relations with the Media and the Public.

 Clive Clark produces  the shows we run in support of local charities.